Saturday, 4 February 2012

"Titanium (feat. Sia) By David Guetta Music Video

"Titanium" is a song recorded by French DJ-music producer David Guetta, featuring vocals by Australian recording artist Sia. It was taken and released as Guetta’s fourth single from “Nothing but the Beat”. "Titanium" is a near- ballad which draws from the genres of pop, house and urban-dance. The song's lyrics are about inner strength. Sia's vocals on "Titanium" received comparisons to those by Fergie and Coldplay.
"Titanium" has lyrics about inner strength, such as: "I'm bulletproof, nothing' to lose / Fire away, fire away / Ricochet, you take your aim / Fire away, fire away / You shoot me down, but I won't fall / I am titanium."
David Guetta doesn’t usually include ballads within albums, not that this track can easily be identified as a ballad, due to the urban dance backing tracks; in fact his previous single “Without You” was more of a ballad. However the faster and catchier beats along a more memorable title means that this track will probably do better, the only thing holding it back, is the guest vocals of Sia, a relatively unknown Australian recording artist, as opposed to the likes of Usher in “Without You”.
Many critics have described the song as a reminder of Guetta’s previous successful collaborations with Kelly Rowland, which I do agree with, not only because of the female voice, but there is a clear link and comparison here with “Commander” and “When Love Takes Over”, the former especially.
The best thing about the song is that Sia has managed to stand against the power of the powerhouse assembly of synthesizers by upping her own game, with her extremely distinctive vocals ringing clear and commanding her presence with the mighty chorus.
The production of the track is a welcome change for Guetta. His last few singles have been a little bit stale and repetitive like in “Who’s That Chick? Featuring Rihanna”. It feels like huge amounts of effort have gone into the new album, especially this track and “Without You”.
Titanium’ isn’t the kind of song that’ll bring a tear to your eye with its monstrous chorus and beats, but it’s just the right amount of dramatic felling to nestle comfortably in between the realm of generic radio and a song with a real message.
Overall - 3/5

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